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Ottawa was fun, except that I was sick the day I left, bad headache and unpleasant stomach issues and stuff. Very not nice. I managed to make it to the train and get on without dying, but I think it was close. I should have taken a taxi to the station. Trains are fun though, never been on one before and it was very amusing.

I met Adrienne in Toronto since I had an hour and a half stop over there and we had some lunch at Harvey's, mmmm...meat. She gave me candy and a toy truck that when you pull it back it goes forward. It's really cool. :) Union station was pretty impressive, I wonder what the outside of it looks like?

In Ottawa I didn't have any trouble getting a taxi and I got to my hotel and got checked in without any problems. Then I went and had supper with Laura and Curtis and Aunt Joanne at a restaurant called the Black Tomato. I had Caribbean Jerk Chicken which was really good. It was great that they all came to see me, it was kinda lonely in my hotel room. The room was nice though, like a double but with only one bed, so lots of space. After supper I watched TV and went to bed early because I was still feeling pretty ill.

I checked out in the morning and went to the conference and stuff. It was pretty good, I knew most of the content already, but they still did a really good job of presenting it. I left early to get to the train station on time, I wasn't sure how easy it was to get a taxi in Ottawa. It turns out that it was really easy. I walked out of the building and got right into a taxi, no problem except that I was pretty early getting to the train station. The train home was uneventful and late. I was still feeling sick on Thursday so I stayed home and slept, that was fun.

The weekend was alright, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean with Matt and Kim on Friday night but that's about all we did because I was still feeling pretty crappy. My brother was really sick too (much worse than me), he had a fever of around 104 and he looked really bad. So I pretty much stayed away from him for the weekend. I don't want more illness. I hope Kim doesn't get sick at all. On Saturday night I went with Kim's family to Stratford for supper, and that was pretty good. I also got to meet Kim's new cousin this weekend, she was very cute. When I got back to Waterloo on Sunday I spent the whole night working on my last 370 assignment, stupid course. I made a "rocket" chase a "target" using the ordinary differential equation solvers of Matlab. Here's a picture (meaning not gauranteed):

Matlab 3D plot of a pursuer (O) and a target (X) with a helix-shaped path
Matlab 3D plot of a pursuer (O) and a target (X) with a helix-shaped path
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