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Yeah, so we managed to finish the first OS assignment on time; we think the code is at least alright, the design/testing documents may be another story. But who really cares about them anyway? The fun part about all this is that the second assignment was posted within hours of the due date of the first. And it looks like a lot more work than the first too. Isn't that special...right during midterms.

Co-op is going really well, as of today I have 8 interviews, which is a lot and takes up a lot of time. I really hope I get the job with Oculus in Toronto, it sounds like it would be really cool and learningful, plus the salary is amazing, not that I care about such things, no never, not me.

I'm in Waterloo this weekend to try and get ahead on a whole bunch of stuff so that I can focus on the next OS assignment for a while, but I don't know how far I will get, I have a cryptography assignment and a CS360 assignment and two midterms to study for. Next weekend is Valentine's day so I will be at home and I doubt I will get much work done.

Tonight Kim might come visit which would be sweet, otherwise I might go to the Bomber. If neither of these things happen I think I will try to watch the movie "The Godfather," since I really want to see it.

I added some new random quotes...see if you can find them all! (total of 25)

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