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I had a very productive weekend, although completely uninteresting. I essentially worked on OS for 15 hours between Saturday and Sunday and I studied Cryptography all day Friday. The result is that the coding for our 2nd OS assignment is almost done and I may pass the crypto midterm on Wednesday. I even have time to finish my CS360 assignment in time to not have to use my late. Not procrastinating is really the way to go.

Jen wants me to add a comment feature to my website so that people can make comments about my posts. I don't think anyone would be interested enough to have it, but I will probably implement it at some point if I get the chance. I'm not capable of just using any of the very good free versions available like the one she uses on her site, I feel I have to do it myself. Which means it will probably not happen, or if it does it won't be until my work term.

Speaking of my work term, the dress code for my placement is Business casual...ooooooh it makes me feel special. Never had to care about dress before.

I'm going to Toronto on Saturday to check out a place to live, hope it works out, especially since it sounds like it might have a dishwasher.

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