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We just recieved our last cryptography assignment for the term, and lo and behold the first question wants us to factor a 512 bit RSA modulus. This is generally considered quite hard. Fortunately for us, we were told that the two primes were consecutive (no other primes between them) and so factoring is made a bit easier. And by a bit I mean a lot. Less than a second in Maple.

So, my new favourite number is the RSA modulus we were given and which I present to you here. In case you are wondering it is 155 digits long which is equivalent to 512 bits. The number is:


And since I was successful I can also tell you that the two prime factors of this number are:


They are really close together and both really close to the square root of their product which makes them easy to find.

I think I will call the number "Matthew's number" and its factors will be known as the disciples of Matthew's number.

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