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Stuff rules. I'm not as busy anymore, for some reason all my work went and got finished and there wasn't any more work to replace it. Somebody must be slacking off somewhere.

Last weekend was cool, Kim came to Waterloo to visit and we got up early (5:55am) on Saturday morning to catch a Greyhound to Toronto to look for a house for the summer with Adrienne and Matt. We found a sweet sweet place which happens to be pretty close to work for all of us. Yay! I'm really looking forward to the "Toronto experience" and I hope my job goes well too.

Not much else fun is happening right now, um, I have to do my taxes and that is sorta exciting because I think I will get a fair chunk back and if so I'm going out to buy a wireless network card and a DVD burner for my computer. I should find out for sure next weekend.

My computer has been on without reboot for almost a month now, see:

mclausch@duffman:~$ uptime
19:37:52 up 25 days, 4:45, 2 users, load average: 0.11, 0.16, 0.15

I'm amused because this is the longest I've ever had it on without rebooting. Doesn't seem that long except that I dual boot Linux and Windows so I have to reboot whenever I need the other OS. What does this new longevity mean? That's right, I don't have any use for Windows currently. Maybe I can keep my computer on until the end of the term, that would be fun.

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