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Well, I may have lost my uptime, but it was worth it. My new hardware appears to be working great in both Linux and Windows, although I haven't burnt a DVD yet. I am currently posting this via my WIRELESS network connection in Linux, and while I do so I am burning some random crap to a CD-RW on the DVD burner. I am quite pleased. Especially cool is how quiet the DVD burner is. I can't hear it at all.

In case you are wondering, the wireless card is the D-Link DWL-G520 (rev A2). Note the revision number, only certain revisions (like A1 and A2) work in Linux. You can find out the revision number by looking at the serial number of the card on the outside of the box it comes in. My burner is the NEC ND-2500A, which is supposed to only be available in the UK and a few other non-North American countries, but Canada Computers has them and they are supposed to be quite good.

My weekend was also cool, I actually went to Toronto to buy the stuff on Friday, and then took a Greyhound back to London that night. On Saturday I did a lot of relaxing, I didn't do a single productive thing. In the evening I went on an actual date with Kim (we don't get out on those much) where I even paid for stuff (with the assumed money I should be getting from income taxes, which is the same way I paid for the new hardware). We went to Jack Astor's for supper and they had a new menu which was fun. I got the Thai Chicken Coconut Curry, Yay Curry! Even if it is from Jack Astor's. Then we went to Galleria Mall downtown to see Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (represses large shudder) which Kim has been wanting to see for a while. Unfortunately we got there too early so we just wandered the mall for a while and talked and it was fun. The movie was alright (as good as it could have been at least).

Today when I got back to Waterloo I really felt like cleaning for some reason, so I did that until Matt came by and then we went with Adrienne and Andrew (new friend of Adrienne's) to the Egyption restaurant in the Plaza. It was pretty good, lots of vegetarian dishes and some good stuff for dessert. To drink I had some sweet sweet Mango juice that was really really really good. When we left they had a case just lying by the entrance and I really wanted to ask them how much they'd let me buy it for.

Then we went back to my house for usual Simpsons and stuff and I installed the hardware (and it works, the burning just finished), and now I think it is time for bed.

Oooooh, classes are almost done too, always fun to have changes. Except that exams are yucky.

Oh, one other thing that I forgot. I got a 12 month lease for a townhouse in the Fall with Jen, Kelly and Ryan. It is really close to the University and should be an alright place to live for the year. I'm just glad I don't really have to think about stupid housing stuff anymore.

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