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Jen asked me to write her a story today while I was at work. She didn't like it because it had a disgusting rodent in it. I say that she sucks. Here is the story:

Once upon a time there was a mouse, except it wasn't ordinary, it had an extra long tail. And it could curl the tail up into a springy thing and bounce around on it it a cute sorta way. Then one autumn day the mouse realized that winter was on its way so he found a nice apartment to stay in while it was cold outside. He figured that after the winter was over he would use his amazing tail powers to give the people living in the apartment each the one thing they most desired as a way of thanking them for letting him stay there.

So he made a nest in a cupboard in the kitchen and started looking for food. He came upon a black plastic thing with some peanut butter on it. Now, the mouse was smart, and knew that when food was left out like that it normally meant it was a trap. But he also knew that all mouse traps were wooden, not plastic, so he figured that it was probably a gift from the people who lived in the house.

Unfortunately he was wrong, the trap killed him and the people threw him and his magical tail out in the trash. The End.

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