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So yeah, I think it is about time I do a proper Toronto update.

I'm living just off Yonge St. between Sheppard and Finch which is pretty far north, but since it is on Yonge St. it is close to the subway and so it is close to everything. Also our house rocks, it is all well-kept and real and I don't expect I will live in anything nearly as nice for many years to come. And we have a pool table in the basement because the landlord doesn't want to move it out I think.

I'm working for a telemedicine company, (video conference medical stuff) North Network, at Don Mills and Lawrence but I am also working for a company downtown at King and Jarvis because they are contracted to North. It is going alright because both places are fun to work and I have money again so that makes me happy.

We have been doing a lot of fun stuff in Toronto, I have already been to a clothing show, the Harbour front, several malls, St. Lawrence market, a bunch of restaurants, Ikea, North York General Hospital, China town, the back of an ambulance, Marche, Yonge between Eglinton and Lawrence, the movie Troy and a bunch of other random places that I can't really think of right now. Should have updated more I guess.

I am also doing a distance course, *booming voice* NUCLEAR SCIENCE */booming voice* which I wish I wasn't because it is taking too much of my fun time. Like time better spent playing Chronotrigger and other fun games, like the entire Final Fantasy series. Or working on my website, I still plan on implementing the comment feature. I think that will get done on this weekend because I am staying and no one will be here on Saturday.

So yeah, now I am going to investigate a pool where I could swim lengths every night for something called exercise. I've heard its good for you or something.

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