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Last weekend was quite amusing. On Friday Matt and Adrienne met me downtown and we went to Canada Computers to buy things - Me: DVD-ROM drive, Matt; 256MB USB Pen Drive; Adrienne: Computer Speakers. Then we got ice cream and stuff for sundaes and watched the movie "21 Grams" while eating the ice cream.

On Saturday I was supposed to meet Adrienne downtown to go watch the Dyke March (part of Toronto's Gay Pride Week) and then maybe get food or something. But she was at the running show and was late so I stopped waiting and watched it by myself. It was pretty good, but nothing compared to the real pride parade on Sunday. Adrienne and I went to it after getting stuff from the Eaton's Centre. It was really busy, the Toronto Star estimated that a million people watched the parade. And it lasted at least 2 hours I think. Making it the biggest parade I have ever been to. There were also a lot of booths setup on Wellesley and on Church which we spent some time looking at. The parade was cool because everyone was happy and there wasn't any hate or intolerance or negativity or anything. Just happy people having fun.

Today I am going swimming for the purposes of...EXERCISE! Gasp! I don't know what will become of me after this. Probably I will become a superhero. Yeah. That's it.

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