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Last weekend was quite amusing. On Friday Matt and Adrienne met me downtown and we went to Canada Computers to buy things - Me: DVD-ROM drive, Matt; 256MB USB Pen Drive; Adrienne: Computer Speakers. Then we got ice cream and stuff for sundaes and watched the movie "21 Grams" while eating the ice cream.

On Saturday I was supposed to meet Adrienne downtown to go watch the Dyke March (part of Toronto's Gay Pride Week) and then maybe get food or something. But she was at the running show and was late so I stopped waiting and watched it by myself. It was pretty good, but nothing compared to the real pride parade on Sunday. Adrienne and I went to it after getting stuff from the Eaton's Centre. It was really busy, the Toronto Star estimated that a million people watched the parade. And it lasted at least 2 hours I think. Making it the biggest parade I have ever been to. There were also a lot of booths setup on Wellesley and on Church which we spent some time looking at. The parade was cool because everyone was happy and there wasn't any hate or intolerance or negativity or anything. Just happy people having fun.

Today I am going swimming for the purposes of...EXERCISE! Gasp! I don't know what will become of me after this. Probably I will become a superhero. Yeah. That's it.

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Last weekend was fun, Kim came to visit and we went downtown and wandered around and looked at things. Not much happened but it was still fun. We also watched a movie. And ate a lot of berries. We also cooked supper together which was amusing. Corn on the cob is good. Oooh, and we played pool. Kim has gotten pretty good. Apparently she gets practice at the restaurant.

Tonight Adrienne, Jen, Matt and I went to Lick's for burgers and that was also good. While we were eating, Jim Harris (the leader of the Green party) came in and got food or something. It was amusing. After supper we got Frozen Hot Chocolate from Second Cup which was very good but made me very full.

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I lied, no one came to see our house tonight, the person is living somewhere else.

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So, last weekend I went with Adrienne to Salad King which is a really good Thai restaurant. It was really good. We got Spicy Fish and Pad Thai and the fish was amazing. And Spicy. Stating the obvious is fun. We also watched a street performer for a while (he juggled machetes) and we walked along Queen St and went to Active Surplus. Anybody need surplus medical supplies?

I also finished 3 modules of my distance course, which was mind-numbing but productive, I guess. And I cleaned lots of the house.

On Monday I chose my courses for the fall term, here is my schedule so far:

  • MWF 10:30-11:30 CO330 - Combinatorical Enumeration
  • MWF 12:30-1:30 CS341 - Algorithms and Data Structures
  • TTh 8:30-10:00 CS343 - Concurrency
  • TTh 10:00-11:30 CO350 - Linear Optimization
  • Th 7:00-10:00 SCI206 - The Physics of How Things Work

But I noticed like two days before I had to pick my schedule that Networks (CS456) is actually being offered this Fall, which is cool because that course is normally only offered in the Winter. I only have one Winter study term left, and it has already been taken by Graphics and Programming Languages (CS442) so I had pretty much abandoned the idea of taking Networks. But now I might be able to if I think I can handle it next term. I would replace Linear Optimization, but first I have to get in. The section is already full so I am on the waiting list. I wonder what will happen?

Tuesday was wing night again and we went to St Louis Bar and Grill and the wings were alright, but I didn't like them as much as Morty's and that made me sad. I want Morty's to be in Toronto.

Last night we opened our new bag of milk to find that all three bags were really nasty, even though the expiry date had not yet passed. They were really curd-tastic. Mmmm...curds. So we went and bought new milk and as such I stayed up too late last night and now I am tired.

Today our landlord is bring someone to see the house who may potentially be living with us in July and August. Mmmmm....potential roommate.

Kim is coming to visit this weekend which will be really cool. I haven't been seeing her as much this term because of the fact that Toronto is a bit less convenient than Waterloo for coming and going. We will probably do some random stuff, not sure what yet. Maybe order her a new laptop which will at least be fun for me. New computers rule.

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So yeah, I think it is about time I do a proper Toronto update.

I'm living just off Yonge St. between Sheppard and Finch which is pretty far north, but since it is on Yonge St. it is close to the subway and so it is close to everything. Also our house rocks, it is all well-kept and real and I don't expect I will live in anything nearly as nice for many years to come. And we have a pool table in the basement because the landlord doesn't want to move it out I think.

I'm working for a telemedicine company, (video conference medical stuff) North Network, at Don Mills and Lawrence but I am also working for a company downtown at King and Jarvis because they are contracted to North. It is going alright because both places are fun to work and I have money again so that makes me happy.

We have been doing a lot of fun stuff in Toronto, I have already been to a clothing show, the Harbour front, several malls, St. Lawrence market, a bunch of restaurants, Ikea, North York General Hospital, China town, the back of an ambulance, Marche, Yonge between Eglinton and Lawrence, the movie Troy and a bunch of other random places that I can't really think of right now. Should have updated more I guess.

I am also doing a distance course, *booming voice* NUCLEAR SCIENCE */booming voice* which I wish I wasn't because it is taking too much of my fun time. Like time better spent playing Chronotrigger and other fun games, like the entire Final Fantasy series. Or working on my website, I still plan on implementing the comment feature. I think that will get done on this weekend because I am staying and no one will be here on Saturday.

So yeah, now I am going to investigate a pool where I could swim lengths every night for something called exercise. I've heard its good for you or something.

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