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Revision Control

When I moved this website off the University servers and onto our shiny Dreamhost account I also "temporarily" took the website code out of revision control (CVS at the time). I intended to reformat my home machine and set up a new repository and get things all happy and good. Maintaining any code for any amount of time without using a source control system is a terrible idea.

Well it's been over two years and I've been extremely lucky that nothing bad has happened to my website yet. Today I have restored it to revision control, hosted on my still awesome ReadyNAS Duo. This time I chose Subversion since it's like CVS but a bit better. I toyed with the idea of using Git, but I determined that the extra features it adds are not really targeted at a single user environment.

This work is part of a larger endeavour I am engaged in to eventually retire my desktop computer. It was purchased in 2001 just before I entered University and it has been running almost constantly since then. I have definitely gotten good value out of that purchase. Running Linux, it is still perfectly useful for web browsing and email so I've never bothered to upgrade. However, I mostly use my laptop and now with my NAS I don't need to keep my desktop around as an SSH server or storage device. So I'm moving all my data to my NAS in an organized manner and then one day soon I will power down the desktop for good.

Unless anyone out there has a use for a machine with a 1.5GHz Pentium 4 processor with 512MB of RDRAM (yes, that version of the P4) and 120GB of hard drive space? It also has a wonderful 17" flat Sony Trinitron CRT monitor. You can't buy monitors like that anymore.


The Internet is awesome. On January 6th of this year, a guy published on his website "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski" which is an interpretation of the entire screenplay of the movie The Big Lebowski written as if it was done by William Shakespeare.

For anyone who knows and loves the movie, this new work is pure gold. It renders famous and memorable lines in ways even more hilarious than the original. Just imagining Walter (John Goodman) saying the line: "Marry, sir, my heartstrings do you tug; They urinate upon thy damn├Ęd rug." makes me laugh out loud.

For people who haven't seen the movie enough times to memorize most of it, the Shakespeare version probably won't mean a lot. But with the Internet, all of the people from all over the world who do love the movie can come together and make something happen that could never have happened in the pre-Internet world. By January 13th the author had signed with an agent to get the work published as a book and a theatre company in New York decided to perform the production for a minimum run of two weeks starting in March. In just over a week thousands of people had read the script and generated enough interest to prompt people to invest real money into further promotion. Hopefully the copyright owners are open to this new interpretation and don't destroy it forever.


Last night Matt and I went to see Avatar in IMAX 3D. I really enjoyed it. Sure, the plot was simple and full of holes. But the visuals were simply gorgeous. I found myself just enjoying the scenery. Whenever something strange happened in the plot I simply looked around a bit and didn't worry about it because there were so many things to see. The world shown in the movie was interesting enough and had enough detail that it was almost like visiting a new place in real life. Very cool.

Also, the CG was spot on. I never really thought about the fact that none of the scenery I was enjoying was real. Weta Digital did a really good job.

Wedding Video

In addition to a photographer we had a videographer at our wedding. I wasn't really keen on this idea as I do not like seeing myself in videos. Photos are OK because I can normally hold a non-horrifying pose for a short period of time (and bad photos can always be deleted when I fail). But video, that's a little frightening. I'm not a trained actor, I shouldn't be the main character in a video.

Anyway, over Christmas we received the finished DVD. It's really well put together with a nice set of menus and the whole collection of official photos in slideshow format. The full ceremony and the speeches from the reception make up the bulk of the content on the DVD. They were well recorded and more or less what I expected. However, unexpected by me, there were short video messages from each member of the bridal party which were totally awesome. There was also a short music video edited together by the videographer from clips of the entire day. I like the music video quite a bit as it edits out all the strange faces I make and only keeps the nicer footage. Also it's short and covers all the major events.

Another thing that happened over the Christmas break was that a lot of relatives complained that I haven't posted any wedding photos on my blog. To them I replied that I put about eighty photos up on Facebook because I figured I would reach more people that way and I was too lazy to do both. Well I was scolded for being lazy (as many of my relatives are not on Facebook) and so I have to post some photos on my blog here too. I'll probably get to that this week, but I thought I'd start out by posting the music video from the DVD. The music is "Saving Grace" by the Cranberries which was the song we had for our first dance. If you'd like to download the movie to your computer instead of just watching it on this webpage, right click here and select "Save." Enjoy!

EMBEDDED VIDEO: Wedding music video
Downsview Subway Station

I was up at Downsview today to check out the construction progress at John's new gym. It's looking really good! Anyway, while I was in Downsview station I took a couple pictures.

Lights on the stairs
Lights on the stairs
All Trains, Downsview Station
All Trains, Downsview Station
New Year's

For New Year's Kim and I hung out with Chris and John eating yummy homemade pizza and salad and cake and beer. We watched the new Star Trek on BluRay and I drank several bottles of St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout which was delicious. I recently had some on draft at C'est What and the chocolate-coffee flavours are just delicious.

Over the past week I've been playing a bunch of New Super Mario Bros. Wii which I got for Christmas. It's pretty fun. Overall the level setup and progression is a lot like Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES but there are features from all of the original Mario games up to at least Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. It's a traditional 2D platformer like the original Mario games and thus it's awesome. I played all of those games approximately a million times each so it's cool to have another in the same style.

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