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I'm reading "Planet Simpson" by Chris Turner and it is pretty cool. I personally like it because it shows that the Simpsons has real depth which is something too many people are unaware of. It always bothers me when people say they don't like the Simpsons because it just means they haven't watched enough of it. Or they are completely without a sense of humour. Both of which are inexcusable. People shouldn't pass judgment on things they don't know about, and the world is too ridiculous to take seriously.

My only complaint with the book so far is that the author is too hard on the Family Guy, calling it "mediocre" and "nakedly derivative." While the concept of Family Guy is derivative of the Simpsons (intensely dysfunctional family), Family Guy has many merits of its own. Family Guy helped popularize a type of humour that I greatly enjoy, specifically the blatantly absurd and random. I've noticed that new episodes of the Simpsons tend to use this type of humour more than before Family Guy was popular. Sure, the Simpsons has always been random, but Family Guy is the king of random crap. The show might not have the same depth as the Simpsons but it is still funny as hell. Maybe if it had had a few more seasons it could have become something more.

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