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This weekend was pretty good, Kim came here to my apartment in Toronto and we hung out and did Toronto-like things for the weekend.

On Saturday we went to the ROM which was neat since I haven't been there in a long time. Kim really enjoyed the ancient Roman and Greek exhibits (she is minoring in classical studies). Afterwards we walked around Toronto a bunch and I got to see some parts of Toronto that I haven't walked through before. It was neat. I had a sub from Quizno's for supper and it was really good, I have to remember to go back there. Mmmmm...sub. In the evening we watched The Notebook which Kim has been begging to watch with me. It was pretty good.

My apartment is just a room I am subletting from a guy in a condo downtown so I have access to all of the condo facilities such as a workout room, pool tables and a hot tub. After we watched The Notebook, Kim and I decided to use the hot tub for a bit before going to bed. It was really nice because it is in a room with lots of windows on the roof of the building so while you soak you get a really good view of the city. Anyway, after we got back we got a call from security, apparently the "back board" that is in the hot tub room was off the wall and on the floor and they were concerned that someone had been injured. They called me because they knew I had been in there because you have to use a pass card to get in. The pass card transmits your room number whenever you use it and that information is logged. I know that this is useful information for security purposes, but I personally find it fairly creepy. You have to use the card to get into the building and for lots of other things too so they have a lot of information about my movements. Now I'm not paranoid, it's just that they are all out to get me.

Today Kim and I just sat around. We slept late and watched Spiderman 2. We also checked out this market-like store that is close to my house, Rabba's (the website might not be working). It is about a one minute walk from my place and carries most groceries at almost reasonable prices. It's not really much worse than the Dominion which is the next closet grocery store. They are both expensive though, No Frill's should open a downtown store, that would rock.

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