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Weekends are fun, so much better than the week, where i have to work and stuff. I got free panzerotti on Friday night because the people at the Pizza Place thought they burnt it. It was actually just a little bit brown but it still tasted good! Then I went and saw the movie "Daredevil" with Kim, Matt, Chris, Liz, Emily and some other girl. The movie had many, many bad moments but was still pretty cool (not worth ticket price though).

I was supposed to go to my grandpa's house this weekend cause its his birthday, but on Saturday the weather forecast called for badness so we stayed home instead. I got to help Kim babysit Thomas instead. That was alright because I got yummy food and got to watch a movie.

The weather forecast was right, it was bad. That was the reason why I took the bus home today instead of getting a ride. The bus driver sucked though, he didn't know how to get to the bus station so he had to keep asking people for help. The guy behind me kept screaming "I'm just a Girl!!" whenever the bus drive asked something. It was weird. Especially since my brother apparently performed that song (by "No Doubt") with his band on Friday at Medway's coffee house. I like random coincidences. Like how I saw 4 limousines this weekend while I haven't seen one in a long time before now.

I am downloading Metallica MP3's tonight because I liked the Apocalyptica covers of some of their songs. The real stuff is also quite good, lots of energy and more like real music than all of the crap available today. I wonder if I will ever buy music again. Interesting that Metallica was one of the first bands to take action against MP3's and yet I had no problem getting any tonight.

I also watched the movie "Signs" on Sunday, it was weird. The movie could have easily degenerated into typical horror film campiness, but it managed not to. It still had a couple plot holes though. Like why a species that is hurt by water would come to a planet that is mostly water. Or why they wouldn't bring weapons like ray guns or at least swords or something. Also why does Mel Gibson's face move the way it does? Oh well, the movie was ok, not sure if I will burn it yet.

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