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My economics lecture was quite amusing last night. Our teacher (Larry Smith) likes to role play and I got to be America while he was Japan. He was talking about trading partners and the global economy and such. So he basically talked completely to me for 15 minutes in a class of 300 students. Then he went on to say how tightly trading partners are linked and to demonstrate he made me hold hands with him for another 5 minutes while he continued to talk. Everyone at the University of Waterloo should take a class with this man, he is an excellent teacher.

Also interesting about last night was how both Mike and I brought our respective girlfriends to the lecture to show them the amazing Larry Smith without previously planning to do so on the same night. I am beginning to be disturbed by coincidences. Maybe Robert Anton Wilson is right (see the Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy).

The weather outside was also cool this morning: frozen mist. Its like normal mist except frozen. Interesting smell and interesting feeling when it enters your nose. :)

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