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Yay weekends! On Friday I got to go to the Mongolian Grill with my dad for his birthday. Mongolian Grill rules. On Saturday I went to my grandpa's with my family because it was his birthday recently. Sometimes the family visits can be boring but it wasn't too bad this time. We didn't get home until around 10pm, so I didn't start the rest of my evening until late. I went to Liz's and we had really good cake (Snickers cake I think). Then we watched the Princess Bride which is always an inconceivably good movie. Finshed up with some South Park episodes and some stimulating discussion about flexibility and religion. Got home about 4am, but I am surprisingly alert this evening. Yay stamina!

The drive back to Waterloo was pretty bad this evening, really high winds with lots of drifting as well as very slippery roads. I saw two cars actually go off the road (one right in front of me), and I saw dozens of cars in the ditch.

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