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Last weekend I went to Waterloo to visit Mike and because I didn't really have any reason to be anywhere particular in the world. Mike just got back from Pixar and California so it was cool to hear about all of that. He also brought me a Pixar shirt and some other fun stuff. Pretty sweet!

On Saturday night, Mike had to go to Toga (frosh leader) so i just hung out at the house. Angela and Kirsten moved in that night so it worked out really well because I got to hang out with them for a bit too. We watched the season premiere of The OC and chatted a bit before Angela went to Bomber with a bunch of other people.

On Sunday Mike's parents and sister took us out for food in Waterloo park (yay picnic!) and it was pretty nice. Bagels and cream cheese and salmon and stuff. Being a student makes me really appreciate when people give me food.

Next weekend is Apocalyptica, I'm starting to get excited!

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