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I stayed in Toronto this weekend and was able to relax a bunch which is always nice.

I had my rock climbing training session at the Toronto Climbing Academy Saturday afternoon, Matt came too, and we had a really good time. Rock climbing is definitly something I could get in to. I might even get my own shoes/harness so that I don't have to rent. I will be going again with people from work on Wednesday, and if it goes well I'll probably start going pretty regularly.

After rock climbing we went and saw the movie Serenity and it was a really good way for Joss Whedon to end the series. Stupid Fox, grumble grumble, only cancels good shows, grumble grumble.

Today I made a custom Linux LiveCD based on Ubuntu with all of my Graphics assignments on it (as well as Matt's Battleship game). So, as long as I have an x86 compatible computer that can boot off of a CD I will always be able to run the programs I created in Graphics. Linux (and its associated packages and libraries) changes too quickly to depend on it being able to compile old code, so this CD gives me a snapshot of Linux at the time I took Graphics. I already can't compile some of them (without modification) on my new Linux installation due to GCC4.

Finally, I started adding some stuff to my ray tracer, but I don't have anything to show for it. Soon maybe...

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