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Not too much happened this weekend, I basically just went home to visit Kim. I spent most of the weekend sick and I think most of the people I know are also sick. Booooo.

I took the train instead of the bus to get home this weekend. So much better!!! And with my ISIC card it isn't more expensive. So yeah, no more buses for me.

I watched Crash and it was pretty good. Especially because Sandra Bollock wasn't in it too much (she only had a few lines)...hahaha, just kidding, Sandra's alright. :) I really did like the movie, it deals with racism beyond the typical white vs. everyone else boundary.

I also dropped my distance course. I think not taking courses on work terms is much better than taking them. I should have lots of time now to do whatever I want (ray tracer, rock climbing, reading, maybe even work on my website).

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