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Haven't done an update in a while so this will be long. And reverse-chronological for fun!

It is rather cold in our apartment today, I am now convinced that the heating is broken in some way. I know for sure that my ears are much colder than they should be inside a house. I hope it is fixed soon.

The weekend was fun, Matt and Adrienne came to visit. On Sunday we went to Krispy Kreme donuts and got a dozen death objects which are now mostly gone. Michael also came over on Sunday and watched me play with Debian while doing his Chemistry homework.

On Saturday, Matt and I installed Debian Linux on my computer and it seems to be working pretty good. Only complaints are that DVDs don't play right (so far) and that I can't play anything encoded in DivX 5 or XviD (for now). I really like apt-get and being able to login to my computer from anywhere that has a Secure Shell Client. On Saturday evening we went to the Mongolian Grill with some of Adrienne's friends (total of 9 people). It was very busy and they forgot to seat us until we complained. It turned out alright though because we got to eat on the comfy couches and they gave us the Feast meal (unlimited trips to the grill) for the price of the normal meal (1 trip only). Also the manager came and apologised a great deal.

On Friday Adrienne and Matt showed up and Angela came over and we went to Pizza Hut for supper. I got to drive Adrienne's car which was fun because it had more power than any other car I had ever driven before. After Pizza Hut we watched the movie "Pulp Fiction" which was excellent.

I had my second macroeconomics midterm on Thursday and it was much easier than the first. Also the lecture was very entertaining because Larry Smith finally revealed the secret of the "Matrix" which he has been talking about all term. I cannot relate the secret here though because it is apparently too much for the average person to handle.

I think that is enough now, especially since my fingers are starting to get numb and they will soon be unable to typeeslas.f

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