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It's been a while since my last update, and a lot has happened, but I've really spent most days just working on Real Time so it feels like it's been just more of the same the whole time.

Matt and I have entered into a year lease for an apartment in Toronto at Front and Spadina. It's part of the Concord Cityplace complex which means we get to become weird downtown condo people. On the plus side however, the building is wired (with fibre) so we can get 100Mb Internet, and it only costs $50/month!! I'm pretty excited to move in, I like Toronto, and I get to start being a real person with a few nice things, instead of a student with whatever I can scavenge from random people.

I was in Toronto on Saturday for Rib-o-Rama at John's house. It was a pretty good time and I got to chat with a bunch of people who I'll be working with in the Fall so that was really awesome.

I ordered a cell phone today, so I have officially entered the ranks of the rude people. I figure I can't live in Toronto without one, but I feel as if a piece of my soul is now lost forever.

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