Superfluous Matter
I'm Not THAT Anal

I collect the Simpsons on DVD (along with lots of other shows, but this story is about the Simpsons). They recently began releasing "special edition" versions of the box sets where the box is shaped like the head of one of the characters. Now this new box is kinda cool, but it looks nothing like the previous box sets and as such doesn't look right on the shelf with the others. Yes this is very anal retentive, but I can't help it. They should all look the same! Season 6 was the first one with the new box. Seasons 7 through 9 also have a new box, but you can still get the same thing in a normal style box as well. It's just season 6 that you can't get in a normal box.

So today I resigned myself to the fact that one box would look weird and picked up season 6 using a gift card from Christmas. I got home and opened it up, silently cursing the stupid non-matching box. But when I looked inside, there was a slip of paper advertising a website that lets you order a standard box for season 6!!!! So cool!!! I went to the website and all it costs is shipping and handling. So I'm ordering it right away. The order form even had a place to indicate your reason for wanting a new box, and one of the reasons was "Anal Retentive (box must be identical)." I totally picked that option.

So this has made me happy for the rest of the day, not just because my properly matching box needs have been fulfilled, but because someone out in the world acknoweldged my exact opinion and has done something to accomodate it. Thank you, awesome anal-retentive person, whoever you are.

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