Superfluous Matter
Turkish Wing Night

Wing night was super tasty/random last night. We went to the Balkan Bistro, which is a family-run Turkish restaurant near Baldwin. It was just a little place (and there were 10 of us) but it was super cozy and the family was really friendly. The food (the important bit) was spectacular. I had something that I don't remember the name of, but it had veal, tomato sauce, eggplant puree and lots of random spices. Sooooo good. Every meal came with potatos, rice, something that I couldn't identify and a really nice salad. That is, the meals were way too much food (although I'm not really complaining). Jen and Matt got veal schnitzel and Rob got these really good pork dumplings that came in a creamy yogurt based sauce. Toni and Dave got this really interesting mix of ground beef and rice battered in an crispy egg mixture. I got to try them all and they were all really good. My favourite was definitely the dumplings though.

Tonight was climbing as usual and I had a really good night. I climbed a higher difficulty than ever before and I also climbed a couple from the difficulty immediately below much better than usual.

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