Superfluous Matter
On the West Coast

I failed to blog for two weeks once again, but this time I'm going to say it's because I was busy preparing for my trip. The trip I'm on right now! Yes, I'm in San Francisco and it's pretty awesome. I visited ILM today and wandered around downtown a bunch and I'm meeting up with Mike in a few minutes to head to what sounds like a really awesome party. Good times! I'm keeping notes again, so when I get home I'll add a new section to my trips page and fill in all the details with pictures and stuff.

Two weekends ago I went climbing in John's new cave to celebrate his acquisition of holds for the roof. It was pretty fun and we took a video of me completing the "first successful traverse." I was going to put it on YouTube or something to make it a bit more manageable for those with "lesser" Internet, but I'm pretty lazy so I just uploaded the full uncompressed video to our server. Download it if you like, but be warned it's 124MB. I love having well over 200GB of web space to play with.

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