Superfluous Matter
Home Again

I got back from San Francisco late Tuesday night and I must say it was an excellent trip. I had a great time seeing the sights, visiting ILM and chilling with Mike. I'll be adding details and lots of photos to the Trips section of the site, hopefully this weekend.

Last night Matt and I attended the second Tafelmusik concert of the subscription we got. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I found that because I knew what to expect in terms of size and content I was able to enjoy the music more this time. The only strange part was that in the second last movement of the final piece the man in front of us turned around and in an angry voice told Matt to "please stop doing that!!" As far as I could tell Matt was sitting perfectly still and not making any noise. The people behind us also could not figure out what the problem was. We never found out either because the guy left very quickly at the end.

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