Superfluous Matter

After almost 3 weeks with no climbing I'm out of shape. Tonight was rough, but I'm going to make up for it by climbing on Friday and Sunday of this week as well. The trip back from gym tonight would have been better if the weather was either warmer or dryer. Stupid cold rain. My fancy birthday green tea+jasmine is making it better though.

Last night we went to Cafe Polonez for wing night which is Rob's favourite Polish restaurant. I was definitely impressed. I had the pork goulash on a potato pancake with a random, high-value Polish beer (strong, large, cheap -- 6%, 500mL, $4.50). The food was amazing. I got to try a pierogie as well and it was excellent as expected. There were so many other things on the menu I want to try, so I'm definitely going back.

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