Superfluous Matter

I don't even really remember much of what's happened since whenever I blogged last so I'm not going to attempt to reconstruct it. I think it's safe to assume it involved climbing, going to restaurants and some trips to the market.

I did buy some stuff recently, including Guitar Hero 3, the new Futurama movie: Bender's Big Score, and Ratatouille on DVD. Plus a bunch of Christmas presents for various people (no, I'm not telling).

I think the biggest expenditure this month though was the deposit on my new apartment! Kim was able to get a new job in Toronto so she's moving here in January. We were going to just stay in my current place with Matt for a bit but I started looking at Craigslist and found a suitable place nearby so I snapped it up. I think it's better that we'll have our own place right away, as it means we can get started on being real people sooner, whatever that means. Anyway, I'm quite looking forward to it, although as always I'm dreading the prospect of actually moving (co-op made me hate it so much).

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