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Christmas Redux

It was a good Christmas this year, with lots of visiting and much chocolate/presents. I was pretty happy with everything that I got for people and found that the happiness I got from successfully getting good gifts was more than what I got from the gifts I received. Isn't that heart-warming or something?

I have a bunch of gift certificates to spend so I'm going out tomorrow to do so. High on my list is the Office on DVD, but I'd also like some new clothes and I have to get some Rubbermaid bins for moving. Yes the move is coming, and it looks like it will be pretty easy. I guess that happens when you move down the block.

I have a serious list of New Year's resolutions this year, although it's not so much inspired by the new year as it is by the fact that I'm moving and becoming even more "adult" than I was before. I'm going to go to the gym more (mostly with Kim so that we can encourage each other). I'm not doing it to get healthier or anything though; I want to improve my strength specifically to get better at climbing. I also want to spend some time on recreational programming specifically my ray tracer (yes, laugh at me because I say that all the time). Finally, I am going to blog more often. This time I have some motivation for this. My Aunt Joan reads the blog and expressed great disappointment at my lack of blogging at dinner this Christmas. As I have the utmost respect for her, I cannot let this disappointment stand. So I must blog more often. :)

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