Superfluous Matter

We've managed to unpack a lot of stuff now, and the apartment is approaching livable. A lot of the unpacked stuff makes me twitchy still, but only a little. This weekend we're going to Ikea to get some shelves and stuff so that the unpacking can finish.

Last Sunday I posted my old twin bed on Craigslist and by Monday morning I had two replies. By Monday night the bed was gone and I had an extra $75. I can't believe I got that much money for a 5+ year old crappy twin bed that was used by students. It's not like it was in bad shape, but it was never that good a mattress or anything. I think my point is, Craigslist rocks.

Tuesday was wing night, and we went out to the Mill St Brew pub, in the distillery district. It's actually the Mill St brewery as well so there was much fresh tasty beer on hand. The food was also great (I had a steak and smoked gouda wrap thing) and we had like 15 people make it out. So it was an extremely successful wing night, all without Jen (who has decided to do something healthy for the next 5 weeks instead of wing night).

Tonight Kim and I are going to go see Juno which I can't wait for. It's supposed to be amazing! I noticed this movie was playing at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, so that's pretty cool too. I would have loved to have seen it then, but it's always hard to pick movies at the film festival because there is normally so little information to go on. I guess that's part of the fun though.

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