Superfluous Matter
"Date" Night

Kim and I had a "date" night last night where we went out for supper and movie and stuff like that. It's a bit different when you live together I guess. But it was good times nonetheless. We went to Swiss Chalet for supper, which, while not on the top of my list for places to eat, was still good because I had a bunch of gift certificates from Christmas so it was free.

The movie wasn't until 10pm, so after supper we went shopping and ended up at MEC. Kim needed new running shoes and MEC had some crazy sales on. She got a pair of Solomon "Trail Running" shoes (which seem to just be running shoes with a bit of extra tread), for $29! They were regular $130 so it was a really good deal. After getting those we went across the street to Europe Bound to get me a new Nalgene bottle (the proper, hormone disrupting kind that MEC no longer sells...damn hippies). Anyway, the Europe Bound clerk noticed the shoes and told Kim that she could have got them cheaper at Europe Bound, but when we told him the price he got pretty mad because $29 is apparently "way below cost." Well duh. I'm always amused at the anger Europe Bound people have for MEC. You can't go in there with a MEC bag without getting some sort of comment.

After shopping we went to see the movie Juno, which was completely amazing as expected. Excellent acting and very Arrested Development-style writing. The casting was pretty glorious too, everyone seemed to fill their roles very well and made the whole thing seem completely natural. I did find that the character of Juno to be a bit too mature for her supposed age of 16, but it wouldn't be as interesting if she actually acted 16. 16-year olds just aren't that interesting.

Today we went to the market and got a bunch of food, including the fixings for yummy homemade tomato sauce for pasta tonight. Tomorrow is Ikea day as well as a proper grocery shopping trip and a trip to Costco. Once we have the extra furniture from Ikea, we'll be able to finish unpacking and I can stop twitching at the various piles in my apartment.

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