Superfluous Matter
Birthday Surprise

Last Friday Matt and Toni hosted a surprise birthday party for Patrick at Matt's house and it went really well. Everyone even managed to keep it a surprise. We had sushi and pizza and all kinds of other snacks and drinks and I think maybe thirty people showed up.

Saturday night I played Chris's new version of Ticket to Ride with him and Patrick and Toni. Board games are fun, but I never get to play any of the ones they have enough times to get any good at them. They always seem to have new ones.

Anyway, Sunday was climbing in the morning (which was excellent) and then I played Super Mario Galaxy with Kim for like 6 hours or something. The game is primarily one player, but a second can help with some small things as the main player moves throughout the level. Anyway Kim started a game while I was climbing and she seems to be a bit addicted now. It's pretty amusing.

Sunday night Kim and I went to the gym for some proper exercise and that went pretty well. We met Chris there and he showed me a couple stretches and things which is good because I'm pretty incompetent.

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