Superfluous Matter
Shaky Growl

I went to see Cloverfield with Kim tonight after a quick supper of Butter Chicken roti from Gandhi Roti (mmm...roti). Anyway the movie was pretty good, obviously no deep meaningful content, but definitely one of the best monster movies I've ever seen. I read some critic say that this was what the late-90s remake of Godzilla should have been, and I think that was a very apt description.

It's all shot first person sort of Blair Witch Project style, but with a better quality camera. It's pretty shaky which can be disorienting and unpleasant at times, but I found that I eventually got used to it.

Whenever I see a movie about some sort of disaster and it's effects on large cities I think about how bad it is to be in a large city when anything out of the ordinary happens. There's basically no way to get out of the city and there are so many extra bad things that can happen (like buildings falling over when giant monsters fall into them). Anyway, I comfort myself knowing that Toronto wouldn't be a very interesting place for monsters or other disasters to come visit, so I'm probably OK here.

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