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Zip Car

This weekend was pretty busy, but full of lots of fun stuff! On Saturday Kim and I tried out my new Zip Car membership with a trip to Costco, Ikea and No Frills to pick up some large groceries and other stuff that would have been obnoxious to get home on the subway.

The car was great, no problems getting it started or getting in and out of the garage. The cost was $10.50/hour and we rented for three hours. At first I thought this was a bit expensive because Patrick always talks about how he can get really good deals for rental cars from Hertz for a whole day. But as I thought about it I realized that although it is more expensive, the Zip Car thing isn't a bad deal. Gas and insurance is paid for (unlike normal rental cars) and since you only rent for as long as you need, you don't need to pay for parking the car anywhere. If we were to do the same thing by TTC it would cost almost $10 for a day pass, which is cheaper, but it would have taken a lot more time and we wouldn't have been able to carry all the stuff back. Anyway, I was satisfied with the service. The only problem was that we cut the time a bit close due to traffic on the way home. I got the car back with exactly one minute to spare.

On Sunday I went to Barrie with work people to go climbing at a gym there that just opened a huge new bouldering section. It was really amazing. They had between 80 and 100 bouldering problems circling this huge structure with all sorts of angles and surfaces and you could top out on all of the routes. Pretty sweet. After the climbing we went to the Bloor Cinema to see the "Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour" which was a bunch of outdoor sports movies and clips from movies. It was pretty good, although John said that it had been much better in previous years.

Wing night was awesome tonight, Patrick's parents are visiting Canada and they joined us to make a party of 13. We went to the new Terroni on Adelaide street, and it was even better than the old Terroni. I had some awesome rigatoni with fresh mozzarella, zucchini and tomatoes. And of course I had the tiramisu which is sooooo good at Terroni. Good times!

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