Superfluous Matter
Killer Queen

Tonight Kim and I went to see "We Will Rock You" the musical by Queen and Ben Elton. It was really good! Toni and Chris and Jonny recommended it at wing night and then on Wednesday I got an email from Mirvish giving discounts on tickets to the show until the end of March. We were able to get seats in the most expensive section for just $40 a piece. Again, the show was great. Lots of good singing and dancing and stuff, maybe a bit light on plot but definitely a lot of fun.

Before the show we were going to go to dinner at The Senator on the recommendation of Toni, but the place was being painted this week so we had to find something else. We ended up at Eggspectation which was convenient because it was across the street from the theatre, but turned out to be as touristy as I had suspected. Not that it was bad or anything, just nothing special.

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