Superfluous Matter
Ticketmaster is Poo

Yesterday on my way to work I noticed that the free newspaper "NOW" had a special section this week on restaurants in Toronto. This naturally attracted enough of my interest to cause me to stop and grab a paper to read after work. The section is pretty good and should give a bunch of new places to try for wing night and other events.

But there was something even cooler hiding in the newspaper. Dave Matthews Band is playing in Toronto in June! And tickets went on sale this morning at 10:00am! If I hadn't have grabbed the paper I would have never known, or I would have found out much too late to still be able to get some.

Anyway, it was all very fortuitous and I was feeling pretty good until I tried to buy the tickets from Ticketmaster this morning. I logged into my account in advance and had everything ready. I refreshed the page at 10:00am and started to go through the catchpas and the privacy stealing questions. Then, on the very last screen, I received an error: 0x201007. So I tried again. And again. Then I though OK, maybe my laptop is funny, I'll try my desktop. Same error. OK, well maybe it doesn't like Linux (not that there should be a problem but some websites don't feel the same way). So I booted Windows and tried again. Nope. So then I grudgingly opened Internet Explorer and tried it. Still nothing. At this point I'm a bit angry but can't think of any other options. I was about to call Matt to get him to try but I thought I'd try one last time on my own. It worked. What?? Nothing was different. Oh yeah, and look, extra Ticketmaster fees turn a $46 ticket into a $64 ticket. Booya, as they (ie. Ticketmaster) say. Gah. Jerks.

I also checked out my Google Analytics page this morning to see all the random combinations of web browsers and operating systems (Hi Matt!) like Safari on Windows and Opera on OSX. While checking this I noticed I have some visits from Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, Australia (Hi Rob!!).

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