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Tour de Bloc 5

Today I competed in the "Tour de Bloc" eastern regional finals. This is a bouldering competition that is used in part to determine the Canadian national bouldering team. Of course I use the term "compete" loosely as I was only in the recreational division and I didn't do spectacularly well. It was a lot of fun though!

We (myself, John and Lap from work) climbed in the morning and then spent the afternoon shopping/wandering around until the finals started at 6pm. We had supper at a Shoeless Joe's near the gym. Little did we know that that particular location is like the local headquarters for the Toronto Football Club fan base and a game was being played just as we went to get food. The place was absolutely full with TFC people wearing red and screaming at the televisions like a bunch of soccer hoodlums. We had to share a table with some of them because there were no other places to sit in the entire restaurant. It was at least as entertaining to watch all the people as it was to watch the game. Oh, and TFC won 3-2. I think David Beckham was on the other team if that means anything to anyone.

The finals at the competition were beyond anything I've ever seen before. The climbers were all outstanding and the problems were all ridiculous. Nobody got them all but the guy who won got three of four and the final climb had all of the one hundred or so spectators screaming. Pretty exciting! I wish I had brought my camera just to take pictures of the final but I didn't think about it because I knew I'd be climbing and didn't want to carry it around for fear of breaking it.

There were also a ton of door prizes at the end. I won a pair of bright red American Apparel "Classic Girl" underwear branded by the climbing hold company "So Ill." Pretty hilarious, I had to go up to the front and try them on (over my pants) and get my photo taken. There were also good prizes like backpacks and crash pads and awesome t-shirts, but me, I won them women's underwear. Awesome.

The rest of this weekend was pretty fun too, I went shopping a bit with Kim on Saturday and we also hit up Cora's for some yummy breakfast. In the evening I played games with Chris and Patrick and Toni. Good stuff!

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