Superfluous Matter
Super Powers...Pending

I finally got a dentist here in Toronto and today was my first appointment. It had been about two years since my last cleaning so it took a little longer but I was surprised that it took two hours. I think part of the problem was the number of x-rays. I lost count of the number of times the hygienist left the room to press the little button that made the big machine go buzz at my face. I haven't developed radiation-related super powers yet, but I'm still hopeful.

Last weekend was pretty fun. I climbed on Friday and had a really good night. Then on Saturday I went roller blading with Chris and Justin west along the waterfront path. Round trip we went twelve and a half kilometres which was pretty awesome. Then Patrick and Toni made us salmon for supper and we played Ticket to Ride.

There was some other fun stuff going on too, but I've forgotten and am too distracted by the new episode of The Office that I'm watching right now to remember.

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