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RAW Photos and RawTherapee

Lately I've been taking photos in RAW format with my DSLR and using UFRaw to post-process the images. It's not a bad program and it has an awesome batch mode, but I was starting to get the feeling that my camera was better at doing the post-processing than I was.

Anyway, today I found a new program that's a lot more solid and has a lot more features. RawTherapee handles a bunch of stuff automatically as well so it's a bit easier to work with.

There's still a lot of terminology to understand though, but I was able to get a pretty nice result on my first try. Check it out below. I was able to increase the brightness of this image which started out pretty dark and I was also able to really bring out the greens in the background. Finally I was able to soften the noise in background to make it look more like blur than random junk.

Pretty flower in New York City
Pretty flower in New York City
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