Superfluous Matter

Kim is home! After almost exactly a week in the hospital, she was discharged today around noon. She had a really good weekend after the chemotherapy finished and the fever never returned. I could tell she was about ready to freak out from boredom/monotony if they kept her another day so I'm really glad they let her go. She's super happy and excited to be home and she spent all day today going over financial stuff for the house and contacting the lawyer to make sure everything is ready to go.

There was almost no nausea from the chemotherapy. There are really good anti-nausea pills now and they worked perfectly. There has also been no hair loss yet, although apparently that could start at any time. We're prepared for it though, Kim's mom ordered her a bunch of fun scarves and things to help keep her head warm.

She has a follow-up appointment on Friday just to make sure everything is still going well. Then, the next round of chemotherapy will probably be on December 23rd assuming her blood counts have recovered enough. Merry Christmas, I guess. It's all good though, after the 23rd, there will only be 4-6 more treatments to go!

One more thing, both Kim's mom and my mom have been super awesome and helpful this past week. They both came up to stay with us so that there would always be someone with Kim at the hospital (the three of us took turns). This meant that Kim's nurses didn't have to work as hard and also that there was always someone with her to talk to when she got scared. It also meant that I was able to do some packing and other stuff for the move despite Kim being in the hospital. So yeah, the moms are awesome.

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