Superfluous Matter

Kim has continued to do well for the past few days and so other than her being tired and bored, there is not much to report.

Instead, I'm going to post a fun image I saw today. Rob Ford is already busy declaring Transit City and anything resembling LRT or streetcars to be dead. Toronto residents want subways apparently. Whatever your views on this matter I think you'd have to admit that the preliminary subway plan from the independent council Save Our Subways is pretty cool. How awesome would it be if that was the baseline subway system in Toronto and the only problem was how to get people to the nearest subway stop?

Of course just because something is cool, doesn't mean it is possible. I'd love to see this built, but it would take decades and billions of dollars and some sort of long term plan that couldn't be overturned by the first disapproving government. I don't think any of these things are just going to appear. Rob Ford is trying to will the subways into existence which probably won't work. If he does manage to kill Transit City then I also hope he succeeds with his willpower, because it would suck to have nothing at all.

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