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Christmas and Third Treatment

Hey Everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates, nothing bad happened I was just tired and lazy.

Christmas was much better than expected. Christmas Eve I decided to make a roast chicken dinner for Kim, her mom and myself. So I went to the butcher at the end of our new street and got a fresh chicken! They were very nice there, but they didn't have any small chickens so I ended up with a full roaster. This turned out for the best because Kim's dad and siblings decided to all come up and join us for supper and to stay overnight. They brought all their presents so that everyone could open presents on Christmas morning here together! It was lots of fun and it was cool that we had so much space for everyone to stay overnight. Also, the chicken and potatoes turned out amazing!

On Christmas day everyone went home, and Kim and I shopped online for a new TV, our Christmas present to each other. We found a good one at a good price (Samsung LED) and ordered it!

I had the whole week after Christmas off work, so I spent the time unpacking and setting up the house. I made tons of trips to Canadian Tire, Home Depot and other stores and did things like change the locks, install a medicine cabinet and run Ethernet cable from the basement to the office on the 2nd floor. By the time I went back to work the house was in great shape.

New Year's Eve we spent at Chris and John's house. Chris received a pasta maker for Christmas and so they made fresh pasta for us! It was delicious and we had lots of fun playing Wii and watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

On the Sunday after New Year's my mom and brother came to visit for the day to bring us presents from my side of the family. It was a second Christmas! We had good food and my mom also took me to Ikea to buy a couple things for the house, including a nice TV stand for our new TV.

Last weekend Mike came up to stay for a couple nights to round out his holidays here in Canada and his parents came up on the Saturday to visit our house, bring us some awesome cheesecake and to go out for lunch at the Stockyards which is this awesome smoked meat place on St. Clair. It was a really great weekend for sure.

Finally, this week, our TV was delivered! It's great to finally join the high-definition world. I haven't got it totally configured yet, but it seems like it will be pretty awesome.

Today was Kim's third chemo treatment, and it went about the same as the second (ie. really well). The doctor is still pleased with her progress and her general health and she told us that Kim will undergo "re-staging" before the fourth treatment (meaning they redo the CT and Gallium scans in order to get a more exact measurement of the progress of the treatment so far).

This weekend I intend to do a bit of cleaning, get more acquainted with the fancy TV features and hopefully finally get back to rock climbing (it's been at least two months since the last time I was out).

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