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Progress Report

Over the past two weeks Kim has received a couple tests (chest CT scan and a Gallium test) to help determine the progress of her treatment. Fun facts about the tests, the radiation dosage of a chest CT is equivalent to about 400 normal chest x-rays or three years of standard background radiation and the Gallium that is used is stored in a thick lead tube until the moment before it is injected. Eeek?

Kim has been going extra stir-crazy being in the house on her own all day so we decided to send her to her parent's house for a week so she could spend some time there and maybe see some of her family who also live in the area. She left on Wednesday afternoon and was planning to stay until next Wednesday. But on Thursday we got a call from the doctor asking Kim to come in on Friday because they wanted to discuss the results of the tests. This was a bit disconcerting because we had expected to get the results of the tests at her next regular appointment.

Anyway, Kim's mom drove her back to Toronto Thursday night and we all went to the appointment today in a fairly apprehensive mood. However, everything is OK. The CT scan showed signs of an infection (the reason for the early appointment), but Kim has no symptoms and the doctor's manual exam of Kim showed no problem either. Since there are no problems the doctor suggested that it was probably just a minor infection that Kim's body is successfully dealing with. It was a little crappy that Kim had to come back so soon after leaving, but we're grateful to have a doctor that is so concerned with Kim's well-being.

As for the progress of Kim's treatment, there has been a significant reduction in the size of the largest of Kim's tumours and the others are also breaking down as well. The scans revealed that there are no new tumours, so it seems like the treatment is working. However the doctor also said there is still a long way to go and Kim will most likely need the full eight treatments.

Tomorrow Kim's going back to her parent's house to finish her visit.

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