Superfluous Matter
Part 2

Kim received the second part of her first round of salvage chemotherapy yesterday. It went pretty well other than taking longer than expected due to the cancer clinic being a bit swamped. The second part is just an additional dose of gemcitabine which is not as harsh as the other stuff.

Kim's home care nurse has been great so far, coming every day to flush Kim's PICC line to keep it operational. Normally they don't flush it every day, but it was giving them some trouble in the hospital so for now they're being safe. The nurse is teaching me to flush it (it's not very hard) so that she doesn't need to come every day.

Although this treatment is stronger and Kim has been feeling the side-effects more she is still doing pretty well. Last week definitely wasn't so great, but nothing like the horror stories you hear sometimes. She's developed a little bit of a cold in the past couple days, but there's no fever so there's not much to worry about. Just something she needs to wait to resolve itself.

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