Superfluous Matter
Salvage Chemo Round 2

On Friday Kim received the first part of her second round of salvage chemotherapy (R-GDP). It took a lot longer than the old R-CHOP protocol, but by 6pm we were out and on our way home. Kim's been feeling mostly OK this weekend so that is nice.

This coming Friday Kim will get the second half of the treatment and then a week or so after that she will go in for a CT scan to determine how well it is all working. If there is significant enough progress she will hopefully proceed to the stem cell transplant at Princess Margaret, otherwise they will do one or two more rounds of the R-GDP and we'll see how things are after that.

The leaves are finally coming out on the tree in our front yard and that plus the warmer weather has definitely improved my mood. Soon I can put away my jacket for the summer and things will be very happy indeed.

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