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This weekend was pretty fun, Matt came down to look for an apartment for the Winter, and so I stayed in Waterloo and attempted to help.

On Friday Jen, Rob, Chris, Sean and I went to Kelsey's for supper and I had the four-cheese spinach dip which was very good. It took so long to get our food though, we had to wait 30 minutes to get a table and once we were seated we had to wait a long time again to be served. This was bad because Matt was supposed to be arriving at 8:15 or so to our house. But his bus was late so everything turned out ok. Except that I forgot Sean's name for some reason, I feel really bad about that and so I am blaming Angela. Matt and I watched some Family Guy after he arrived, but didn't do much else.

On Saturday we got up early (9:00am) and Angela came over and we went to look at apartments for Matt. The first one was the best, so it kinda sucked that we even bothered with the others. Matt and I also watched Memento which was very good, but I think I need to watch it again because it went backwards so I am sure I missed a few things. We went out Saturday night with Mike and his girlfriend and his sister to a Chinese Restaurant and I had the Curried Chicken. I managed to eat it all but I was very full after, it was good though. We also rented and watched Adaptation and that was another very good movie.

On Sunday Jen, Matt, Angela and I went to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet and I ate too much again. As a result of this weekend I have decided to not eat too much anymore because it isn't cool. I also did what had to be the easiest CS assignment ever (other than early cs130 stuff).

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