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Last weekend was very good. It was my official birthday weekend so I did lots of fun stuff.

On Friday I kinda just sat around after getting home, hung out with Kim and talked to my mom a bit, nothing special.

On Saturday I got up bright and early for no reason at all. Then I studied CS370 for a bit and then Matt and Chris came over to install RedHat 9 on Chris's laptop. And they brought me presents! Matt brought me a Jones Soda and Chris brought me an adaptor which allows me to use a Playstation controller on my computer! Sweet on both things! Then Kim got home from work and we all went with my Mom and my brother to Jack Astor's for some supper (we wanted to go to East Side Mario's but they were too busy). Kim gave me the Indiana Jones trilogy DVD boxed set which rocks soooo much. She didn't think it was good because it was what I asked for and that meant there was no surprise, but I am still happy. After supper we went to Silvercity and saw the move Kill Bill Vol. 1 and it was really good, but brutally violent. I am looking forward to Volume 2. Apparently the movie is rated Canadian R, which means that no one under 18 is allowed in even if they are with a parent. This is funny because Kim and I were asked for ID when we bought our tickets. When we got back to my house we ate some really good cake and then everyone went home.

On Sunday I would have slept in but Kim came and woke me up at 9:30. Grrrr. :) So I went to Walmart and bought a Playstation controller to go with my shiny new adaptor and I also ate some more of my cake. When I got back to Waterloo I found out that the controller+adaptor works better and easier than any other PC controller I have tried before, in both Linux and Windows. Yay!

Today is my actual birthday, but unfortunately I have my CS370 midterm tonight from 7-9. I had a midterm last year on my birthday too. It's not fair. So I am staying at the school after work today and when I get home I think I will eat some more of my cake and play some Chrono Cross with my new controller.

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