Superfluous Matter
Never A Dull Moment

Kim's home care nurse taught me how to flush her PICC line and I've been doing it successfully for about over a week. Then, this Saturday I wasn't able to flush it anymore, it was stuck. The nurse came right away and was able to flush it using special magic of some sort. On Sunday I tried again to flush it and was only able to flush one of the two lines. Since I was able to do one the nurse felt it would be OK to wait until Monday to visit again. However, when she came today she was unable to flush either line.

So I took Kim into the cancer clinic at the hospital and they told us the line was done. It's nobody's fault, it just happens sometimes. It's not the end of the world since she only has the one small treatment left this Friday which they can do by normal IV.

Anyway, everything is fine, and now Kim can take showers without worrying about getting her arm wet.

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