Superfluous Matter
High Dose Methotrexate, Round Two

Tuesday Kim was admitted to the hospital for her second round of high dose methotrexate. It all went super smoothly, no problems or complications. After 24 hours of receiving the rescue drug the doctor pronounced her safe to leave and she was released Thursday night.

The doctor also mentioned that the last lumbar puncture showed no sign of cancer in the cerebrospinal fluid anymore which they will confirm with another lumbar puncture next week. They will also do another MRI and CT to see how big the spinal tumours still are. If the tumours are small enough they'll switch to a new type of chemotherapy to target the tumours in the rest of Kim's body. The chemo is called DHAP (dexamethasone, cytarabine, cisplatin) and it is the alternative regimen the Kim might have gotten when she originally entered the clinical trial back in April. The reason for the switch to this one is that it has some ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and so it should continue to work a bit on the remaining spinal tumours.

Although the doctor was happy to see that the CSF is now clear, she cautioned us again not to get our hopes up as they do not expect to be able to get rid of the spinal tumours entirely.

This weekend Kim's at her parents' house to visit with extended family and I'm staying in Toronto to catch up on a bunch of stuff and also just to chill out for a while.

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