Superfluous Matter

Last week Kim had another MRI and lumbar puncture to assess the progress of the current treatment protocol (high dose methotrexate). The MRI showed a significant reduction in the size of the tumours in Kim's spine, but the reduction is not yet "good enough" so Kim is back in the hospital now getting a third round of the treatment. The lumbar puncture also showed a bit of lymphoma in the CSF (despite the last test being clear), so the cancer is definitely still around.

Additionally, the MRI was another full nervous system MRI and it showed a small tumour (3mm) on the occipital lobe of Kim's brain. The original full nervous system MRI showed an indeterminate shadow in that spot so I didn't mention it before. The presence of a brain tumour does not change the treatment, and in fact they may be able to zap that one with radiation too when we get to that stage.

That's about all the news I have at the moment on the cancer stuff. Otherwise we've been keeping busy. Kim went to her cousin's birthday the other week and also got a chance to visit with some former co-workers. I competed in Warrior Dash (awesome!) last weekend in Barrie with a bunch of friends and I also went to Jeff's birthday party. This weekend is Keizo's wedding celebration pool party in Waterloo which I'll be going to as well. Finally I went out and bought a BBQ to attach to the natural gas pipe sticking out of our deck! I seasoned the cast iron grill last night so we should be able to use it this weekend! I love BBQ.

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