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The last week or so has been pretty busy/crazy. Kim had a lumbar puncture last Friday and the procedure itself was more painful/crappy than usual. One of the possible side effects of lumbar punctures is extreme, migraine-style headaches due to leaking cerebro-spinal fluid when the hole from the puncture doesn't seal up properly right away. The CSF cushions the brain and even tiny imbalances can cause nasty headaches. Anyway, the difficult LP has caused Kim to have headaches ever since. Additionally she has been suffering low blood counts (platelets, hemoglobin and white blood cells) and had to have a couple platelet transfusions.

There is a procedure called a blood patch which can be used to fix the leak caused by the LP and make the headaches go away. However, for a variety of reasons, it isn't appropriate to pursue in Kim's case. The leak will resolve itself in time, we just have to wait.

Anyway, by Thursday it looked like we had figured out the right combination of medicine to manage the headache pain and Kim was feeling pretty good. Unfortunately on Friday night she started running a fever and we had to take her into the ER (anytime her temperature goes above 38C we have to take her in, just to be safe). By the time we got to the ER her temperature was already dropping as she had taken some Tylenol before we left. We stayed at the ER for eight hours while they monitored her and ran some tests to look for infection. Nothing was found so the sent us home.

After a long sleep we woke Saturday morning to find her temperature was back up and so we returned to the ER. Once again her temperature dropped as a result of Tylenol but this time they admitted Kim to watch her overnight. Her temperature predictably rose above 38C as night fell and the Tylenol wore off so they're keeping her while they run more extensive tests to try to figure out what's happening. Fortunately they can control the fever with Tylenol pretty easily so she's not too uncomfortable.

This week Kim is also scheduled to get a CT scan to check the progress of the DHAP treatment so hopefully we can still get that done. I'm pretty tired.

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